Valentin & The Widow

By Andrew Wheeler

A pulp adventure serial set in the 1920s, Valentin & The Widow was originally serialized as a weekly audio drama. It’s now being collected in print by Chapterhouse Publishing, with the first two adventures, “The Mandrake Machine” and “The Flowers of Mrs. Moore”, collected in Volume One.



Book one of a new prose novel series. The first in a series of novellas set in the 1920s, telling the story of widowed English aristocrat Eleanora Rosewood, her Russian valet Sacha Valentin, and their quest to take down the covert evil organization known as Dominion. The globetrotting adventure begins when Lady Rosewood travels to Shanghai on the trail of a doomsday machine of her late husband's design. Faced with terrible danger, she enlists the aid of a troubled Russian sailor.

Written by:  Andrew Wheeler