Toronto's got a new superhero! And he's pitiful!Lucas Barrett is a 9-5 office lackey during the day and a struggling superhero on evenings and weekends. He's also broke. While his job salary is not enough to support his crime-fighting hobby, Lucas finds an alternate plan that may heighten his superhero status.

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SEASON 1: Far From Legendary

Toronto’s got a new superhero! And he’s pitiful! Lucas Barrett is an office clerk by day and a struggling superhero on evenings and weekends. Since costume repairs and his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes strain his tight budget, Lucas volunteers as a test subject for a pharmaceutical company’s trial painkiller. After a disgusting ordeal, Lucas realizes that the experimental drug left him with regenerative powers. With his newfound powers, the Human-Lizard is ready to take on any challenge that awaits him – even a supervillain interrupting his first date. 

SEASOn 2: Still Pretty Pathetic

In this captivating second volume, join the Human-Lizard on new fantastic adventures! Our hero teams up with surprising new allies (spoiler alert: one of them is his mom) and takes on his greatest adversary yet: unreliable public transit! With new adventures starring Lady Accident, Mother Wonder, Majestic Rat, the Grizzly Biker, and introducing the biggest character to hit the Chapterverse: Razma-Foon! Collects issues #6-11 of the Pitiful Human-Lizard series by Jason Loo, the Summer Special team-up story featuring Captain Canuck, plus more exclusive stories!

SEASON 3: Almost Getting There

Witness the viking funeral of Majestic Rat's finest animal friends! The Human-Lizard's amusing streetcar journey back home! The debut of Lucas Barrett's younger, more successful sibling Janine! The sensa-tional showdown of Lady Accident vs. the Frustrated Four! And the epic space battle with Mother Wonder beyond the stars! All of it in the terrific third season of The Pitiful Human-Lizard!


SEASON 4: Setbacks

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