Life, Death & Sorcery #3


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Chapterhouse Comics is proud to present Life, Death and Sorcery, an ongoing fantasy monthly by Toronto-based Danny Zabbal (The First Hero). Follow the story of Amelia, Coco and Winnie, three sisters that run away from home and embark on an amazing adventure. Drama, humor and magic await in what Bleeding Cool calls: "legitimately one of the best books of the year!"

The third chapter in the acclaimed fantasy series, Life, Death and Sorcery, returns! What will happen when Amelia, Coco, and Winnie, three sisters that run away from home, embark on an amazing adventure? Drama, humor, and magic, obviously!

Written and Illustrated by Danny Zabbal
Cover by Danny Zabbal

32 pages, 6.25 x 10.18 | Full Colour

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