Fallen Suns #4


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As the maximum security holding facility known as the Slingshot skyrockets towards the sun, Parminder, Pharos, and Viin must find a way to halt the ship's launch... or suffer a fiery end!
This issue also recounts the tale of Pharos' great and terrible uprising against his planet's evil king - but not everything is as it seems. The sequence of events that Pharos set in motion may be what ultimately destroys him.
Chapterhouse's new sci-fi epic heads towards a thrilling conclusion, courtesy of writer Van Jensen (Green Lantern Corps, The Flash) and artists Neil Collyer (Heavy Space) and Leila Del Duca (Shutter, Afar).

Written by Van Jensen
Illustration by Neil Collyer, Leila Del Duca
Cover by
Miko Maciaszek

36 pages, 6.25/10.18  | Full Color

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