AGENTS OF P.A.C.T. #1 (Cover B— Blank Sketch Variant)


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The CHAPTERVERSE launches with this brand new series!
The X-Files meets Velvet meets Birds of Prey. In Canada. 
There’s an extra-dimensional breach in the Canadian North.  Enter P.A.C.T., the paranormal investigation arm of CSIS. With Captain Canuck AWOL, P.A.C.T director Manon DesChamps (formerly Fleur De Lys) must forge her own team of super-agents, pulled from Equilibrium, the Aurora Dawn, and other less savoury sources.
She affectionately calls them her Fleurs de Conflit but to the world at large, they are: The Agents of P.A.C.T.!

Written by Kalman Andrasofszky & Blake Northcott 
Illustrated by Federica Manfredi 
Cover B— Blank Sketch 

Diamond Order# Cover B: NOV161361
Full Color |
32 pages, 6.25 x 10.18 |

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