Founded in Toronto, Ontario, in 2015, Chapterhouse Comics is a vital new voice in genre entertainment, with a wealth of amazing characters in comics, prose, and animation, and ambitious plans to expand into live action.

Building on a legacy of more than 75 years of Canadian comics, Chapterhouse was created to provide a home for iconic Canadian superhero Captain Canuck, who has returned to the spotlight with a new animated web series, two new comics series, and reprints of his classic adventures. 

Canada's greatest superhero is the anchor for an exciting shared universe that brings together heroes from the history of Canadian comics and beyond, including golden age adventurer Freelance, revival era icon Northguard, and modern day underdog the Pitiful Human Lizard.

Chapterhouse provides a venue for some of the best creative voices from Canada and the world, both in our superhero universe and in our line of inspiring and inventive creator-owned titles such as Die Kitty Die, Brooklyn Gladiator, True Patriot, and The Fourth Planet.

We want to open our doors to everyone who loves adventure and imagination, with accessible storytelling and heroes for every reader. Welcome to Chapterhouse. This is your house.