FANTOMAH SEASON 2: Into the Flames

After saving her sisters from the gangster De La Cruz, Paz Gallegos is hitchhiking across the country alone to protect her family from this strange thing she’s become: The weeping woman known as Fantomah. But while Paz wants to hide and protect her family, Fantomah is hunting for killers to punish.

All the while Paz is being tracked by the mysterious duo Doctor Destine and Rugged and a the Chemical Man who works for Mister Lord. What is Fantomah driving Paz towards? What does Destine and Rugged they want with Fantomah? Are they friend or foe? And can Paz control Fantomah long enough to find out?

Fantomah returns for a brand new arc, searching for the guilty and her own place in the world.

Written by:  Ray Fawkes
Art by: Soo Lee
Coloured by: Meaghan Carter
Cover by: Djibril Morissette-Phan
Lettered by:  Andrew Thomas
Edited by:  Aaron Feldman