The Chapterverse is unlike any other shared universe in the market today as it releases complete storylines in trade first format for a new age of comic readers. Captain Canuck Adventures pushes the ticket for Chapterhouse as it skews to a 3-7 year old audience, letting them in on the fun too! 

All starting with this halloween extravaganza, where Captain Canuck has planned the perfect Halloween party for all his Chapterverse friends. An unwelcome visitor crashes it and suddenly running out of food isn’t his biggest fear! 

Captain Canuck features words by Dan Collins (True Patriot Presents, Captain Canuck FCBD 2019, Lil Auroraman) and art by Andrew Thomas (Captain Canuck, Auric of the Great White North) with colours by Donovan Yaciuk (Captain Canuck). 

Canuck Adventures Issue 1 & Kids Mask Free Downloads