Captain Canuck is a reboot of the classic Canadian comic book hero created in 1975 by Richard Comely and Ron Leishman. This all-new series re-imagines Canuck as a kinetic and accessible 21st-century icon. Born of the true north and tested in war, Captain Canuck is thrust into battle at the head of the global crisis intervention agency called Equilibrium. He must find his way as warrior, leader, and ultimately, hero to save humanity from the machinations of Mr. Gold, Blue Fox, and the even more menacing forces that watch from the shadows.


Born of the True North and tested in the field  of war, Tom Evans is Captain Canuck, Canada’s greatest superhero. An encounter with an alien artifact granted him superhuman strength and speed, but Captain Canuck will need to summon all his grit  to survive the machinations of the deadly Mr. Gold.


With the villainous Mr. Gold still at large, there’s no slowing down for  Canada’s most iconic superhero. Captain Canuck’s hunt for his greatest nemesis sees him cross paths with the world’s deadliest mercenary, the peerless Blue Fox, and a rival patriotic hero, the all-new Northguard.


Tom Evans has walked away from the mantle of Captain Canuck and returned to a simple life on the reservation, but the world he left behind has never been more in need of a hero. An extraterrestrial incursion has arrived on Earth, carving a trail of destruction in its wake. As the casualties mount, only one man can save us.